Investing in Rare Coins and Precious Metals

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Rare Coins vs Bullion Coins

Rare coins are those coins whose value contains a numismatic premium based on rarity and collector demand.
Bullion coins are those coins whose value is determined by their content of precious metal, usually gold, silver or platinum.

How Much are Pre-1965 Silver Coins Worth?

Are you like the millions of Americans that have old silver coins stashed away somewhere? My wife has old dimes, quarters, and half dollars taking up space in our safety deposit box. Nothing rare - just 90% silver. So what is it all worth?

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Calculating the Value of Gold or Silver in a Coin

With ads touting phrases like “24 KT gold” and “.999 Pure Silver,” one is lead to believe that what's being offered might also be a good investment. So just how much is the gold and silver in that coin or medallion worth?


Tips for Buying and Selling Coins at Auction

Many believe the rare coin market is a fixed game and that it favors the auctioneers and dealers over the average collector. Learn how to level the playing field a bit more towards the collector.


Mislabeled Certified Coins Can Cost You Money

Third-party grading services can make mistakes. The old adage "buyer beware" was certainly true when I bought a SS Republic shipwreck gold coin that was not what it said it was on the holder. The actual coin was worth thousands of dollars less than what I paid.


Are Presidential Dollar Rolls a Good Investment?

The ad I'm looking at mentions how a U.S. Presidential postage stamp series is now worth over 12 times its original face value. Are the Presidential dollars destined for a similar fate as the ad implies?


Tips to Using Price Guides to Value Coins

Every coin collector wants to know the value of their coins. Here are 4 things you need to know before you set a value to your coin collection using price guides.