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World Mints

The United States Mint
Almost every U.S. coin collector has probably purchased something from the U.S. Mint at one time or another. Keep abreast of all the latest news and releases about mint products such as the Presidential dollars or the next round of State/Territorial Quarters.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing
While technically not a mint, if it's paper money you collect, then you'll want to check out this website. The paper money counterpart to the U.S. Mint has lots of great information like how to detect counterfeit notes.

The Perth Mint
Founded in Australia in 1899, this mint was a branch mint of Britain's Royal Mint and was commissioned to produce gold sovereigns and half sovereigns which were used as circulating coins throughout the British empire. Today the mint focuses on bullion coins and bars for investment purposes.

The Royal Australian Mint
This mint was opened in 1965 and commissioned to produce Australia's decimal coinage beginning in 1966. Since 1969, the mint has produced coins for a number of other countries including New Zealand and Israel.

The Royal Mint
The official website of the UK's Royal Mint. The amazing thing is that you can still get "original" proof sets from as far back as 1972.

Free Auction Archives

Heritage Auction Galleries
Of all the auction archives, Heritage is the king! If you have certified coins in your collection, then the Heritage archives are the best tool out there for keeping track of the market for your coins. The best part is the archives are free. But to view prices, you must first register with them (it's free too).

If it's certified lower grade rare coins or more modern U.S. coins that you collect, then Teletrade has the archives you want. While Heritage is king for rare coins, Teletrade takes the crown if it's an Eisenhower dollar or state quarter your interested in. Free registration opens up the full archives to you including prices realized.

Stack's Bowers
One nice thing about Stack's archives is that it doesn't take any registration to view the prices realized. Although I would rate Stack's archives second to Heritage for certified coins, they are clearly number one if you are interested in raw coins. One negative about their auction archive is that it is somewhat cumbersome to look-up auction results for a particular coin unless you already know what auction it was in. Heritage's archive is much more user friendly.

A.C. Dwyer's Blogs

Coin Collecting News
The latest news in the world of numismatics. Updated throughout the week. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up-to-date with the latest numismatic news.

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Coin Collecting (and other Numismatic Interests)
A general topic blog with a leaning towards all things gold, especially double eagles and shipwrecks. Subscribing to the RSS feed allows you to read my latest opinions and discoveries in the world of coin collecting.

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A.C. Dwyer's Coin Stories
The original blog that led to this website being created. Subscribing to the RSS feed allows you to get each story as it is published.

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Stamp Collecting News
Many of us coin collectors have also been, or still are, stamp collectors. I personally favored First Day Covers until the USPS turned them into a joke. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up-to-date with the latest stamp collecting news.

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For Beginning Coin Collectors Coins
This is one of my favorite sites, especially for the beginning collector. They have lots of good articles that help make coin collecting enjoyable. Be sure to sign up for her free e-newsletter.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)
One of the premier third party grading and certification services that also has census reports, price guides, and a registry for collectors. A great place for socializing with other collectors is through NGC's registry. The nice thing about this registry is that both NGC and PCGS certified coins can be entered into the registry.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
A premier third party grading and certification service that has news, census reports, price guides, and a registry for collectors. A nice place for socializing with other collectors through their registry. However, unlike the NGC registry, the PCGS registry only allows PCGS graded coins to be entered.

Coin Clubs/Organizations

American Numismatic Association
Most coin collectors are a member of this organization at some time or another. Membership comes with a subscription to the monthly The Numismatist magazine.

Florida United Numismatists (FUN)
One of the largest of the regional clubs covering the southeastern U.S. Best known for its FUN-Topics magazine (comes with membership) and their annual convention each January in Orlando.

Central States Numismatic Society
Another of the large regional clubs, it covers the mid-western U.S. Membership includes a subscription to The Centinel magazine. They hold a large annual convention each Spring that has rotated among different cities in the past. It appears the convention may stay in the Chicago area beginning in 2010.

Token and Medal Society (TAMS)
Are you passionate about collecting Civil War or Hard Times tokens? Then this is the society for you. Membership includes 6 issues of the TAMS Journal each year, discounts on books published by the society, and access to their extensive circulating library for only the additional cost of postage and insurance.