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I frequently hear coin collectors refer to the $20 gold Saint Gaudens double eagle as the most beautiful U.S. coin. While there are a couple of other coins that I believe have a shot at that title, I have to agree that this coin is among the contenders.

The St. Gauden's General Sherman statue in Central Park used as the model for the $20 gold double eagle design in 1907.
(Library of Congress Image)

The double eagle design by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens was a result of a complete redesign of U.S. coinage at President Roosevelt's request. Unfortunately, Augustus Saint-Gaudens died shortly after the first of his double eagles were minted.

The 1911-D/D $20 gold double eagle in The Arlington Collection is an interesting Doubled-D variety, but it is not particularly rare.

This is a nice gem example with full mint luster on both sides of the coin. The coin has a nice light green-gold color to it and it makes it a very appealing type coin.

Many thousands of mint state examples of this date have abrasions on the knee and breasts of Miss Liberty, which in my opinion negatively affect the eye appeal of those coins. This example has none of those abrasions and is simply a beautiful coin.

Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Weight: 33.436 grams
Diameter: 34mm
Edge: E PLURIBUS UNUM divided by stars
Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper

1911-D/D $20 St. Gaudens

Gold Double Eagle

1911-D/D $20 St Gaudens Double Eagle Obverse
1911-D/D $20 St. Gaudens Double Eagle Reverse

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