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The S.S. Central America shipwreck is famous for it's hoard of thousands of mint state gold $20 double eagles and large gold ingots. Little is ever said about the silver coins recovered from the wreck.

Among all the gold, 2,500 silver Chilean half pesos (50 centavos) dated 1853 through 1856 were recovered. This 1856 example is one of four examples (one for each date) that reside in The Arlington Collection of Shipwreck Treasure.

One of the passengers on the ship when it sank in 1857 was a passenger named Pasqual Esquerra. Originally from Spain, SeƱor Esquerra was a wealthy merchant from Valparaiso, Chile traveling first class when he set sail from Panama headed to New York.

Unfortunately, Esquerra was among the passengers who did not survive the sinking. It is believed that the 2,500 Chilean half pesos recovered were the personal property of Pasqual Esquerra.

1856 Chile 50 Centavos

S.S. Central America
Shipwreck Effect

1856 Chile 50 Centavos Obverse
1856 Chile 50 Centavos Reverse

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