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About the Coin

The 1795 $5 half eagle, along with the 1795 $10 eagle, were the first official gold coins ever struck by the United States. The "Small Eagle reverse" variety were struck from 1795 through 1798 when the Heraldic Eagle reverse was introduced.

What I like about the coin in The Arlington Collection is that it is the BD-1 variety. According to Bass-Dannreuther, this is the very first of the die varieties for this issue making this possibly the very first U.S. gold coin variety ever.

Heraldic Eagle reverses exist with dates of 1795 and 1797 but are assumed to have been struck in 1798 using old dies.

Designer: Robert Scot
Weight: 8.75 grams
Diameter: approx. 25mm, reeded edge
Composition: 91.67% gold, 8.33% silver and copper

1795 $5 Gold Half Eagle

Capped Bust Right — Small Eagle Reverse


1795 $5 Gold Half Eagle Obverse
1795 $5 Gold Half Eagle Reverse

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