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About the Coin

The Flowing Hair half dollar was the first half dollar type issued by the United States. The only reverse for this type is the small eagle. The heraldic eagle didn't debut until after the obverse design had changed to the Draped Bust type. This Flowing Hair half dollar was struck in 1794 and 1795.

The coin has a lettered edge with the words FIFTY CENTS OR A HALF DOLLAR. Lettered edging was employed as a deterent to stop the clipping of coins for their silver.

The Flowing Hair half dollar in The Arlington Collection is a beautiful gun-metal gray. I love old silver coins with this coloring. It is of the two leaves reverse variety which can be quickly identified by the small lump just below the last star on the obverse.

Designer: Robert Scot
Weight: 13.48 grams
Diameter: approx. 32.5mm, lettered edge
Composition: 89.24% silver, 10.76% copper

1795 Half Dollar

Flowing Hair - Small Eagle Reverse

1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar Obverse
1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar Reverse

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