Sacagawea Dollars 2000 to 2014

Sacagawea Dollar Obverse

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U.S. Mint Says Public is Embracing the "Golden Dollar"

"The initial public demand for the Golden Dollar has been extraordinarily strong," said the Mint Director in a press release. So is the dollar coin really doing well?


Presidential Dollars:
Error Coins versus Die Varieties

With all the Faceless and Godless dollars being reported, the Presidential dollar series has gotten off to a well publicized, if not messy start.


Presidential Dollar Rolls:
A Good Investment?

The ad I'm looking at mentions how a U.S. Presidential postage stamp series is now worth over 12 times its original face value. Are the Presidential dollars destined for a similar fate as the ad implies?


Sacagawea Dollar Reverses

2000-2008 Eagle
2009 Agriculture
2010 Government
2011 Peace
2012 Trade Routes
2013 Delaware Treaty
2014 Native Hospitality
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