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Complete Set of Gold $20 Type 1 Double Eagles

About the Coin

While not as famous as its rare 1854-O and 1856-O counterparts, the 1857-O $20 gold double eagle is never-the-less very rare in AU-55 and above. According to New Orleans gold expert Doug Winter, only 7 uncirculated examples are believed to still exist. Three of those examples were discovered in the SS Republic shipwreck.

The example in The Arlington Collection still has plenty of mint luster on both sides. There is very little wear on the coin and it is limited to the highest points of the detail.

Most 1857-O double eagles are very baggy while this example has just a few small marks in the fields on the obverse. The strike appears to be above average and the coin exhibits a nice greenish-gold hue.

Designer: James B. Longacre
Weight: 33.436 grams
Diameter: approx. 34mm, reeded edge
Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper/silver

1857-O Gold $20 Double Eagle


Total Mintage: 30,000
Overall Rarity Ranking: 13 of 44 coins
Overall Population: approx. 180 to 205 coins

1857-O Gold $20 Double Eagle Obverse
1857-O Gold $20 Double Eagle Reverse

The Arlington Collection of Double Eagles